Barbara Vilchis

Doing the «LISTEN TO YOUR BODY PROGRAM» has been very satisfactory. Monica’s support, has been fundamental. My Health Coach !!!

I learned:
-Identify that there is sugar in foods that aren’t sweet.
-The importance of not skipping foods and having a schedule to achieve success.
-«Rewarding myself» with junk food, sweets or desserts is not a reward, it’s actually damaging my body.
-Relaxing and taking time for myself is necessary for having a healthy life, specially because stress was affecting my life. `i should take time to appreciate and enjoy.
-You can don many things to improve your health, but drinking water is the most important.
-My waist is a lot smaller.
-Without having as much sugar in my brain I feel much more relaxed, my thoughts are clearer and `i have a lot more energy.
-I was able to run half a marathon.
-My face is slimmer.
-My face is a lot cleaner.
All of these stays with me! We are still on the way!
Many thanks to my favorite Coach!