Hola, yo les quiero platicar que desde el día que conocí a Monica, sin saber cual era su profesión, fue una persona que me transmitió mucha confianza, luego luego me sentí agusto planticando con ella. Al enterarme que era Health Coach, no dude en pedirle su ayuda. Siempre he sido una persona con muchos dolores de cabeza e inflamaciones en el estomago. Mónica me enseño a «escuchar a mi cuerpo» e ir conociendo que alimentos eran los que me inflamaban y me hacían sentir mal. Aprendí a comer cosas nuevas, muy ricas y muy nutritivas.

Hi, I want to tell you that since the day I met Monica, without knowing her profession, she was a person that transmitted a lot of trust, right away I felt comfortable talking with her. When I found out she was a Health Coach, I didn’t hesitate to ask for her help. I’ve always been a person with lots of headaches and bloats easily. Monica taught me how to listen to my body and help me recognize what foods made me bloat and made me feel sick. I learnt to east new things that tasted great and were very healthy.

For my emocional side, it was a great help, her advise was always a bog help. Sometimes our consults were longer than planned because she wanted to make sure I left happy and helped.
If you need a Health Coach, don’t hesitate to to call Monica, I recommend her without a doubt!